Japanese Language Class News

We've organised a volunteer training course for Japanese language classes!(日本語教室ボランティア養成講座を開催しました!)

On 8, 15 and 22 July 2022, a Japanese language class volunteer training course was held at the Yorii Town Hall and the Central Community Centre. These courses were designed to train volunteers to teach Japanese to people from other countries.
 In three lectures, the lecturer Kyoko Matsuo (Kyoko Matsuo, AJALT lecturer) explained how to teach Japanese to foreigners in a conversational and enjoyable way. The first and second lectures were held in the morning and afternoon, respectively, and the second lecture was held in the afternoon and evening.
 Foreign residents of the town participated in the first and second lectures and interacted with the participants. Participants who actually experienced teaching Japanese to foreigners said, "I could understand the importance of learning Japanese in a fun and interesting way. and "It was difficult when I actually tried it." and "It was difficult when I actually tried it".

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 3回の講座では、講師の松尾 恭子(まつお きょうこ・公益社団法人国際日本語普及協会「AJALT]講師)氏から、日本語の教え方として、会話をしながら楽しく日本語を身に着けていく方法を学びました。











Group discussions were also held and participants deepened their interaction with each other.