Japanese Language Class News

We had a New Year's party! (新年会をやりました!)

On January 12, 2024, we held a New Year's party at the Yorii Nigihongo Club "Minna Tomodachi."
After we said "Happy New Year!" to each other on New Year's Day, we started writing down our resolutions for the year and had a Fukuwarai
At the end, we all sang the song of Ichigatsuitsujiitsu.


beginning of writing(書き初め)
Theme at the beginning of writing: 'New Year', 'First Day', 'Daishi'

How to play Fukuwarai(福笑いの遊び方)

① Spread out a sheet of paper with the outline of your face.
② One person sits in front of a piece of paper, blindfolded with a towel.
③ Blindfolded people line up their eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, nose, and mouth parts in front of their faces. If it's difficult, you can tell the people around you where they are by saying something like "There!" or.
④ After placing all the face parts on the paper, remove the blindfold and look at the resulting face.


In many cases, the resulting faces are so funny that you can't help but smile. Each person chooses a different face, which is another interesting point.

commemorative photograph(記念写真)

We had a Tanabata Festival! (七夕まつりをやりました!)

On July 7, 2023, the Nihongo Club Minna Tomodachi held a Tanabata Festival.
A volunteer explained the story of Tanabata, and all the participants wrote their wishes on tanzaku.
After that, they all sang the song of the Tanabatasama.



Legends of Tanabata

Once upon a time, there was Orihime, the daughter of God, and Hikoboshi, a young man.
Orihime works as a weaver and is a hard worker. Hikoboshi was a steady person taking care of the cows.
Eventually they got married.
Then the two, who had been hard workers, suddenly began to play and live together and stopped working at all.
The angry God made the Milky Way between them and separated them.
The heartbroken couple kept crying.
When God saw it, he promised to let them meet only once a year if they worked as earnestly as before.
Then they switched their minds and started working hard.

Then they were allowed to cross the Milky Way only once a year, and that day became Tanabata.

In Japan, people write their wishes on strips of paper and decorate them with bamboo leaves to make their wishes come true.





【Participants' wishes】 (excerpt)

・I want to learn Nihongo well (Learner)
・Bokugaheiwaneso (Learner)
・I want to dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (Learner)
・I want to live well (volunteer)
・I want to have beautiful skin (volunteer)
・May the world be at peace! (Volunteer)


【Scene of Tanabata Festival】 【七夕まつりの様子】

・Try calligraphy!(習字に挑戦!)

・We all made decorations to put on bamboo!(笹につける飾りをみんなで作りました!)

・commemorative photography(記念撮影)


We have a Japanese language class called "Yorii nihongo Club Minna Tomodachi"!(日本語教室「よりいにほんごクラブ みんなともだち」ができました!)

On November 4, Yorii Town launched the Yorii Nihongo Club Minna Tomodachi, a Japanese language class co-sponsored by the Yorii Regional UNESCO Association.

Minna Tomodachi is not a classroom that teaches business Japanese from the standpoint of a teacher or a student, but rather a classroom where volunteers and foreigners who teach Japanese communicate with each other and learn the Japanese language they need in their daily lives while learning from each other, and it is operated under the philosophy that both volunteers and foreigners can grow.
On Friday, December 16, the last class of 2022, we held a fun party for all the participants, with a rock-paper-scissors tournament and a bingo game tournament.
At the end of the party, they announced what they wanted to do well and their goals for 2023, and the foreign participants said, "I want to do my best to speak more Japanese!" and "I want to learn Japanese and get closer to the community!."

In the future, the town will continue to promote interregional exchanges and work to create a livable environment for foreigners.
*Classroom start date for 2023 (every Friday)
From 19: 00 on Friday, January 13, the training room will be on the second floor of Yorii Town Central Community Center.







【お楽しみ会の様子】(Scene of the fun party)





 1月13日(金)19:00~ 寄居町中央公民館 2階研修室 となります。

We've organised a volunteer training course for Japanese language classes!(日本語教室ボランティア養成講座を開催しました!)

On 8, 15 and 22 July 2022, a Japanese language class volunteer training course was held at the Yorii Town Hall and the Central Community Centre. These courses were designed to train volunteers to teach Japanese to people from other countries.
 In three lectures, the lecturer Kyoko Matsuo (Kyoko Matsuo, AJALT lecturer) explained how to teach Japanese to foreigners in a conversational and enjoyable way. The first and second lectures were held in the morning and afternoon, respectively, and the second lecture was held in the afternoon and evening.
 Foreign residents of the town participated in the first and second lectures and interacted with the participants. Participants who actually experienced teaching Japanese to foreigners said, "I could understand the importance of learning Japanese in a fun and interesting way. and "It was difficult when I actually tried it." and "It was difficult when I actually tried it".

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 3回の講座では、講師の松尾 恭子(まつお きょうこ・公益社団法人国際日本語普及協会「AJALT]講師)氏から、日本語の教え方として、会話をしながら楽しく日本語を身に着けていく方法を学びました。











Group discussions were also held and participants deepened their interaction with each other.